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Emma: Otaku splash! Katie: SQUIRTLE SQUIRTLE.

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Jul. 14th, 2005 | 02:45 am
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posted by: spuffboy in reviewke

Emma: ...

Jenna, and Katie and I are currently sitting in front of my computer typing this up, while Nikkiface is asleep on the couch. Mmmyep, that ho.

Katie: I GOT HER MR BUNNY!!!!! >D

Jenna: ....Maxwell...**chase**

Emma: It's about time we did some reviewing now, yah. So here we go.

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Jenna: ...blood....ya know i think they should just do it and get the tension out....

Katie: Cute flying little girls and spiky things.. They just don't work, but in this case I believe they fit very well.

Jenna: Yay the opening was cute..^.^ lots of brain parts...and drains...and bathroom problems....

Emma: Yeah. That was not the type of reviewing I was going for with this, but I'll take what I can get. In fact, it's quite late and the only nourishment I've had is Oreos, so my comments won't be too coherent either.

Hmm. Sakura-kun is adorable, and I wish that Sakura himself [yes, Sakura is a boy] was a shotacon rather than a lolicon. I think that'd make the show slightly better. In my humble and perverted opinion.

Katie: I feel compelled to kill someone with a named weapon.

Emma: ...why?

Katie: ... I dunno.. I blame torrents.. And Dokuro-chan.

Jenna: I liked Sakura-kun...he was pretty and shotable...but there was a lack of shouta or shounen-ai...i think he should run off with his one friend, the blue haired kid....or let all the girls just die....

Emma: ...or not. The show can be enjoyed even with it's lack of boyloving. Well, let me rephrase that. The show can be enjoyed if you have a sick and not easily disturbed mind and like to see young boys dead and bloody.

Jenna: Yeah, its not all that great to me, it was really weird. I mean the whorish Sabbat girl, she's trying to seduce Sakura, with her brain all hanging out in the open...ick.....boobs.....

Emma and Katie: She's a dumb goat.

Emma: I...personally...think it's awesome. If my brain was hanging out, I would still try to seduce someone. If someone with their brain hanging out was trying to seduce me, I would think it's cool, and then run. Run far away, because I don't want brain juice on me during the midst of passionate lovemaking.

Jenna: Yeah well...You belong in a mental hospital so it doesnt really count.

Emma: No I don't, I belong over in shounen_guro with all the other nice people. Who like....boys and...blood. And bandages. And medical eyepatches. LIKE IN LOVELESS BUT HEY THAT REVIEW IS FOR LATER.

Jenna: then explain almost everything on your computer....

Emma: Not everything is weird like that! I have a severe LACK of guro-boysex on my computer. The only stuff like that I have saved is my folder of CG rips from the BL game Togainu No Chi [that's the one where the guy dances with your intestines when he kills you in battle], and my Saizo yaoi, which is too gross and I haven't even really read that.

Jenna:...yeah sure...**is knocked away from keyboard by poor neglected Katie**...

Katie: ... Oh yeah..- OMFG! THE MONKEY!!!! Holy crap... Just.. Just monkey everywhere. AND IT WASN'T EVEN ANIME MONKEY! It was.. real life- copy and pasted monkey!

Emma: Thank you, Katie, for transitioning us back to our Dokuro-chan review. ::ahem:: Back on track. ...I forgot what I was going to say about it.

Katie: So what are we going to do to Mr Bunny?... o_O



Ok. My mind is clear. Dokuro-chan and Sabbat are lolihos, and are constantly showing off their panties, boobs, and other girlie bits to Sakura-kun, in a vain attempt to distract him from all schoolwork. So he doesn't invent some crazy immortality machine that makes all women look about 12 years old. Yeah, only women. DO WE GET OUR SHOTA? NO. Only the women look younger. No shota shorts for us. But I digres. Don't listen to this paragraph.

So, in conclusion to this sup-par "review", I will say this. Dokuro-chan is a spiffy show, and if you can deal with the rampant lolicon, extreme gore, weird faces, and insane cut-and-paste-monkey, watch it. In fact, maybe you should watch it for those very reasons.

Jenna: I agree with Emma. While i find it weird, disturbing and lolitastic it was rather entertaining. I give Dokuro-chan a 8 out of 10

Katie: It was extremely hysterical, but if you share a computer with your parents..roommates who are not so fond of..um..yeah then don't download this. Get someone else to. ^-^


Emma: HO HO HO. HO. YEAH. I AM SANTA, I BRING YOU GIFTS OF YAOI. Jenna and Katie need to thank me profusely for bringing Loveless into their lives. Yes.

Jenna: **glomps onto Emma** OMGosh!!! i'm in lurv!!!! the animtation was really pretty and the charaters where really beautiful. the angst was so angsty and of course THE SHOUTA!!!!! Ritsuka is like half the height of Soubi...Shotarific.

Emma: JEEZ you see what Jenna is fixating on. And they call ME a freak. You are sounding like an unintelligent fangirl. And, as we all know, we are...intelligent fangirls.



Katie: Freak.


OH boy.. This anime. I am in love with Loveless. HA.. No it's not an oxymoron. [Emma says >>;] I LOVE SOUBI!!!!!!!!!!!!! He reminds me of a Muraki [Yami No Matsuei] and.. someone else mix. ... It's hot. That's all you need to know. Kind of void on the emotion part, but.. Yeah.. It's.. HOT. The end.

Emma: I feel dumb now for saying that we are intelligent fangirls. Hm. I don't know what to say about Loveless after those informative comments.

Yeah I do.

Loveless was first a manga by the lovely Yun Kouga, and I've read a few chapters scanlated. However, the plot was INSANELY hard to follow in the manga, and when we watched the first episode together I was even more confused since that's the ONE episode I don't have subtitled. Anyway.

Short summary of stuff you need to know: Ritsuka is 12 years old and cute. Weird psychological slpit-personality thing going on, abusive mother. Seimei, his older brother, was murdered and no one knows why. Ritsuka meets Soubi, an uber-sexy university student who used to be his brother's "Fighter", named "Beloved". Yeah, did you get confused at that last part? We did too. What the crap is a Fighter, why does Soubi have the word "Beloved" carved into his neck (in a very attractive way, of course), and why is Ritsuka now his "Sacrifice", whose name is "Loveless"?

...yeah...um....you just need to watch it, it's absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to describe.

Eventually you pick up on things, but you kinda just have to...accept them. They never tell you why everyone has cat ears as long as they're virgins, you just have to accept it. They never tell you why that one cute boy is always wearing an equally cute medical eyepatch, he just DOES. It looks good, don't question it.

Nikki: ::has currently sat up on my couch because the kitten Maxwell Angus pounced on her foot:: HEY...something on my foot...::goes back to sleep::

Emma: Anyway. The best part of the show is Ritsuka and Soubi's master/servant relationship (that never really acts like that sort of relationship), and their luuuuuurve. They are in luuuuuuurve. Mmmhmm. And it's awesome, and they are quite a sexy couple. I never knew ear piercing could be so hot. Really now. And there's lots of chains involved while they're kissing in episode 2 (YOU HEARD ME, episode 2. They don't wait long)

Jenna: I was disapointed we only got to watch the first four episodes seeing as Emma doesnt have 5 and 6! **hits Emma with Excalibor (Dokuro-chan refrence)** The plot is very good, if not a bit confusing. there are somethings that you can guess or speculate on but you cant be sure. For example soubi and Ritsuka are connected but they dont have the same name..(you probably have no idea what im talking about) Ritsuka is "Loveless" and Soubi is "Beloved". Most "fighters" and "Sacrifices" have the same name, like "breathless" the guy and guy/girl they meet in the first episode. I would assume that Seimei was the other beloved. But then wouldnt you think there would be anotehr loveless to be Ritsuka's match?

i also get a bit annoyed by the way both Soubi and Ritsuka act sometimes. I <3 them both but they drive me crazy a bit. Ritsuka cant make up his mind. He yells at Soubi and tells him to go away, but when he does, ritsuka gets all angsty and feels unluved. but i can kinda understand that. He doesnt liek that Soubi tells him he loves him when he doesnt believe he does (i said that confusingly...oh well) Ritsuka thinks Soubi only says he loves him because Seimei told him to...but he really fell in love. As far as Soubi goes, you know he loves ritsuka, but he has a lover..(kio..who is really pretty and kinda jealous) not that he really cares about him but its still kinda wrong. Also it sometimes seems like he's being sarcastic and insincere. but still veryu good.

Also Yayoi is really pretty, he stalks yuiko (Ritsuka's female friend (who is inlove weith him)) he is very jealous of Ritsuka, who is not only oblivous to Yuiko's feelings but does not return them. You kinda have to feel sorry for him because he's the straight guy in the shounen-ai series. Theres also the little fact that he's a stalker (not quite in the sexy way Soubi does it). He listens in on other peoples convo's and whatnot. But he's lovable all the same. It must really suck being in love with the girl who's in love with the gay shouta who has a seme who could kick his ass.....

oh the manlove...

i am currently beign left to my own devices since Nikki woke up and Emma and katie are talking to her. they were talking about church during reviewke...they are going to be struck by lightening. now they are being amused by Maxwell, so i will end up this review by concluding my thoughts on Loveless

OMFGosh!!!!!!!!!Loveless is the greatest ever and i will devote my religious beliefs to Emma for showing it to me!!! In other words...i give Loveless a 10 out of 10!!!!!!

Emma: Katie and I are going to paper Attic, and then we're watching Gankutsuou. BAM. Goodnight, closing words from Nicole, who is now awake. Which is our fault.

Nikki: Yeah, um, I've been like, off in the back for awhile. I woke up to something chewing on my foot. (And surprisingly it was not Emma, but Maxwell Angus--the kitten.) So, earlier in the evening before everyone arrived, by everyone I mean Jenna and Katie, Emma and I sat on the couch to read/play Kingdom Hearts. After receiving a celluar call from my Kei-Chan, I was intrigued so I went on to read the 10th volume of Fruits Basket. God I hate Yuki. Waaah. Tohru I love you. Pussy. >> Anyway...Jenna arrived, she began to squeal over the 12th volume of Gravitation Emma had just completed, and I watched her read Shojo Beat. Aaahh. Absolute Boyfriend <3.
Alright. Down to business. Full Metal Panic! came first, what an anime to watch for a reviewke. *Sigh* I subjected my Kei-Chan to it's shounen goodness, and she gave in. I'm proud. As some would say, Sousuke is teh sex. After we watched a few episodes, I brought out the new DVD I bought today, FMP! Fumoffu. I could not stay away any longer. "PONY!!!" ^-^ Animed, funny, goodness. Following FMP we decided to help Katie with KH, uber 'duh' moment. Well, we eventually made our way up here. Dokoro-Chan was the first infliction we had--and may I say 'Woah.' to the massive death scenes. xD Fan-serive and blood. Sounds like a hentai without the over-powering tentacles, and the under developed, non-existant plot. After Dokoro-Chan Loveless was next. And...We watched a Raw episode that was not really comprehensable and I eventually went off into my own little world to attempt to sleep. Until I fell asleep I heard alot of squealing and demanding for some lovin'. I'm going to assume that was never appeased. ::Pushes up her glasses:: Now that I am finished, I am going to go eat cold pizza, hope to God my stomach doesn't hurt, and read all this crap everyone's written. Or I could just read it tomorrow...

Katie: Um.. I can't remember anything.. Me and Emma began to paper RP.. Yeah *distracted* @_@

OH! I remember.. Badcially I was just going to ramble about how cute the pairing is. Awww.. Ritsuka X Soubi forevAH. iF THAT STUPID GIRL YOIKA... OR.. whatever tries to interfere Souji is just gonna be all: "..Psh please. Step off bitch.". xD

Go download this. It's beautiful and.. not worksafe. ^_^


P.S. Emma: Loveless is worksafe. Don't listen to Katie, she's preoccupied with Riku and Sephiroth beating eachother up. Mmm.

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from: nikki_sama
date: Jul. 15th, 2005 01:48 am (UTC)

Oh God. Why was my Mr. Bunny under the table, anyway?

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from: sw33tpotatoes
date: Jul. 15th, 2005 09:36 pm (UTC)

Well.. That's because we didn't want Mr. Bunny brain goo all over the place. o_O;

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