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re - vyoo - kay

"Oh my sweet baby!"

ree - vyoo - kay! Reviewing mansex and more!
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Information, hohoho!

Welcome to reviewke! This community is basically just an excuse for the super nifty review team consisting of...:


+Nicole (seme to Katie and Emma)
+Jenna (currently ukeless seme, unless you count Hiei)

...to have fun and also have a place for our anime/manga/yaoi/movie/whatever reviews and random rants to go! In case you stumble upon this community, you may join if you'd like to read our reviews and post with reccomendations for review-age, but to be part of the review team, you must know us personally. Actually, applications for the Official Reviewke Review Team is closed, since it's just us. Just us reviewing stuff. And being cool.

So stick around to be amused and possibly disgusted. Happy days are here again.

WTF does "reviewke" mean?

Take the word "review" and smush it together with the term "uke", and you get REVIEWKE! And by the way, if you don't know what "uke" means, you prooobably shouldn't be here...

What kind of stuff will you be reviewing?

Basically any anime, manga, manporn, or ANYTHING that strikes our fancy. Although this was first just an excuse to review yaoi/mansex/shounen-ai, there are a lot of other things that we will be taking a look at. Many of which Emma has downloaded onto her computer and wishes to spread the word about. That's the main purpose of reviewke...to SPREAD THE GOOD WORD OF AWESOME STUFF!

Some of which is NC-17 and not appropriate for the kiddies.

To check up on what we'll be reviewing during meetings of the Official Reviewke Review Team, go check out the entries in the community. And if you wish to see a review on something specific we haven't covered, JOIN and post! Fuel our obsessiveness and chronic cases of Toomuchtimeonourhands-itis.

I actually don't expect anyone other than people we know to join. Even they might not join. But hey, we'll try.